This story is rated a strong R+. Adult content. The reader’s discretion is advised.


by Paulette Frazier

Chapter One

Vincent walked through the tunnels on his way home. He finally did it. He finally succeeded in getting Catherine to understand that she belonged topside. Maybe now she could move on with her life. Find a man above who could rock her world.

Just who was he kidding? Catherine was his. She belonged to him. There would be no other. Not for him and not for her.

He stood still so he could feel the bond. He felt nothing. Catherine had cut off the bond. Just what did he expect? He told her to forget about him. “Think of him as a dream.” That is what he told her to do. The tears fell from his face. He would have to learn to live without the best thing that ever happened to him. Live without a huge piece of his heart. He knew he was doing what was best for Catherine. He could not resign her to a life with him. Live in a hole in the ground with a beast like himself.

He stopped walking and leaned against the wall. He put his hand to his chest and dropped his head. He felt his roar building up. It was coming from deep within his soul. He would have to face life without her. He closed his eyes and remembered her face when he told her to go. She begged him, she yelled at him. She pleaded. He turned his back on her. He could no longer look at her. He knew, he felt it deep in the bond that he had hurt her. He dropped down to his knees and let it out. A roar that shook the tunnels.

Mouse, who was about a mile away, heard it. He took off to find Father.

Father was sitting reading. Mouse ran in out of breath. “Father must go now. Must go to Vincent. Hurt, hurt bad. Come.” He began to pull Father up from the seat.

Father struggled to get up. He allowed Mouse to pull him out of his chamber. They began their trek. As they walked, Winslow, Cullen and Kanin came beside them. They looked at Father.

“Father, we must go to Vincent. Something is wrong.”

“I know. Mouse is taking me to him.”

“We are coming also.”

The group finally got to where they heard the roars and growls coming from Vincent. He was deep in a cave. Father pushed the others back and entered the cave alone. He held up his torch so he could see Vincent.

He looked in pain. Vincent stood against the wall. He was growling at Father. He looked feral. His clothes were torn and hanging off him. He was crouched as if he were ready to strike any minute.

Father spoke calmly. He knew that he had to reach the humanity of his son. “Vincent, come to me son. Let us go home.”

Vincent responded with a loud roar. Father again stood steadfast and calm.

“No, Vincent, come to me son.” Father held his hand out so Vincent could pick up his scent. He knew that Vincent was beyond his humanity. His other self was out and in control.

Vincent stopped rocking and looked at his father. He lifted his head and sniffed the air.  This was not the scent he wanted. He wanted the scent of the mate. He began growling. First a low growl. It slowly intensified. He finally let out a roar. Father stepped back. He knew that he could not reach the man. He backed out of the cave. He turned to Winslow. “Winslow go to Pascal and tell him to contact Peter. Tell him to get Catherine.”

Mouse looked up. “Mouse will go, get there faster. Let Mouse go. Mouse will help his friend.”

Mouse was off in a flash. The others sat down. Cullen made a fire. It was going to be a while before they heard from Catherine.

Chapter Two

Catherine had just left her apartment. She was in her car headed for the freeway. She was going to her house in the woods of Connecticut. She would decide what to do when she got there. She turned the radio on and the announcer talked about the next music he chose.

How am I supposed to live without you,
Now that I’ve been loving you so long,
How am I supposed to live without you,
How am I supposed to carry on?
When all that I’ve been livin’ for is gone.*

The words hit her like a slap in the face. The tears began to flow from her eyes. She knew that she would have to pull over soon. She found a small parking area and pulled in. She put her flashers on and bent her face to the steering wheel. She let go of all her tears. She cried into her hands. She finally finished crying.

Another song came on the radio.

How can I just let you walk away?
Just let you leave without a trace?*

This was it. She decided that she could not leave. She was going back. She was going to argue with him. She was going to not allow him to send her away. He would have to kill her.  She pulled out and headed for the next exit. She turned around and headed back to New York.

Catherine walked off the elevator and the first thing she saw was Mouse sitting on the floor near her door. He jumped up when he saw her.

“Vincent’s Catherine must come. Vincent needs you. Must come now.” He began to pull her back to the elevator. She dropped her bags near the door and hopped on the elevator with Mouse.

Chapter Three

Catherine arrived at the cave with Mouse. Father hugged her.  “Father, what is wrong with Vincent?”

“I have no idea. I heard him roaring and I came to find him in the cave. He did not recognize me. You must be careful.”

“I must go in. Father, he is my life. There is nothing without him.”

Catherine pulled away from Father and slowly entered the cave.  She slowly approached Vincent. He was bent over as if ready to strike. She softly called his name. “Vincent, I am here.”

Vincent snarled at her. He lifted his head and sniffed the air. Catherine slowly approached him. He snarled at her again. She walked a little closer. Suddenly, Vincent snatched her up and took off running out of the cave past Father and the others. He ran until he came to the chamber he had built just for them. He stood Catherine on her feet and leaned against the wall. Catherine did not move. Vincent began to rock from side to side. He snarled at Catherine again. She just rushed into his arms.

“Oh, Vincent, my love. Come back to me. I love you.”

Vincent slowly put his arms around her. He finally found his words. “Oh, my Catherine, please never leave me. I need you.”

Catherine held him tighter. “I will never leave you, my love.”

He bent down to kiss her. Then he backed away. “My Catherine, we must wash. I have to get this savage scent off you.”

Catherine nodded. He lifted her into his arms and exited the cave. He finally got to the waterfalls. He went behind the falls to a small chamber. He had fixed this chamber long ago. He spent many days here alone. He had once brought clothes for himself and Catherine. Catherine watched him as he got out clothes for her and himself. He grabbed several towels. Catherine wondered when he had prepared this chamber. 

He turned to Catherine. “My Catherine, let us go to the springs and take a bath. Then we will return here. I have a surprise for you.”

They walked together to the hot springs. He turned his back to Catherine to allow her to undress. She was not going to give him the same courtesy. She hopped in the water and looked up at Vincent. “Vincent, you can turn around now. Won’t you join me?”

He put his head down as he hesitated to undress. She finally acquiesced, turning around giving him space. She thought to herself. I will give you this one, my furry lover.

Vincent quickly got rid of his remaining tattered clothes and stepped into the water. He sank down. Catherine sat on the ledge that was carved under the water to act as a seat. Vincent settled beside her. He leaned back and closed his eyes. He gently put his arm over her shoulder and drew her closer to his body. She smiled and snuggled close to him. They remained that way for a while.

Finally, Catherine got the soap and began to lather her hands. She began to wash Vincent. Vincent felt every touch. Catherine moved her hands up and down, carefully avoiding his genitals. She began to nibble his ear as she rubbed his back.

“Vincent, I am going to touch you now. Please do not be afraid. I want to give you pleasure.”

She began to kiss the areas she had just rubbed with her hands. Then she stood up and rinsed the soap from his body. She quickly washed and rinsed. Suddenly she pulled him out of the water. She looked hungrily at his body. She licked her lips. She picked up the towel and began to dry him off. She knew this would take some time. And she wanted to use all the time kissing him. She moved over his body until she got to his rising penis. Suddenly she dropped to her knees and quickly took his penis into her mouth.

Vincent moaned. “No, Catherine, no.”

She looked at him and shook her head, never removing his penis from her mouth. She worked him into a frenzy. He grabbed her head, careful not to push her into his groin. He finally let go. He began to shake, and Catherine knew she had him. He climaxed as she grabbed his penis with her hands. He was too large to fit entirely into her mouth.  He finally slumped down to his knees. He took her into his arms and kissed her. He stood up and ran with her into their chamber. He placed her on the bed.

“My Catherine, you are a wanton woman and I intend to punish you.”

He flipped her over on her stomach and patted her bottom, pretending to spank her. Then he flipped her back to her back. He began to kiss her, starting at her head. He moved to her breast and finally down to her private triangle of love. Their lovemaking continued throughout the night.  Finally, after making love for the fifth time, they fell into a slumber, tightly embraced.

The next morning Vincent woke up first. He was so satisfied. He never felt like this before. He raised up on his elbows and looked at the sleeping Catherine. He breathed in the heady scent, an aftermath of their night of lovemaking. He also felt something else. He smiled to himself.

Well, well, my Catherine, it seems that we made something else last night.

Catherine slowly opened her eyes. She looked to see blue eyes staring at her. She smiled at him. “Good morning, Lover.”

“My Catherine. Did we really…”

“Yes, my love, we did. And might I say, it was good.”

Vincent smiled and kissed her nose. “Well, my dearest Catherine, it would appear that we made something else besides make love last night. What would you like first, a boy or a girl?”


*How Am I Supposed to Live Without You, written by Michael Bolton and Doug James

*Against All Odds, written by Phil Collins


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