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Samantha, a Loud Sound,
Father’s Library


by Paula

In Father’s library, Samantha was looking for Shakespeare’s comedy “The Taming of the Shrew.” She wanted to put on a play for the tunnel community with the other children.

It’s so chaotic here. I’ll never find it, she thought.

Suddenly, she heard a murmur, and then a loud sound as if something powerful hit the floor. She ran toward the noise and saw Arthur roaming through the bookshelves, heavy volumes strewn beneath a cupboard.

“Father will not be pleased.” She went to the shelf and saw the book she was looking for. “Arthur, I didn’t expect you to help me!”

The Ghost in the Library

by JRo

Father wasn’t in his library, so Samantha could browse the shelves in peace.  She scanned all the books but didn’t find anything.  As she gave up and started to leave, a loud thump came from the back of the library.

Samantha froze, then crept back to see what the noise was.  She found a brown paper package that held a used, but complete set of the Anne of Green Gables books.  A note fluttered to the ground.  

“May you find a kindred spirit.”

She looked around, then ran, taking her books with her. 

Hiding on the upper level, Catherine smiled.

It’s Just One of Those Days

by JoAnn Baca

The crash was unexpectedly shattering. Trying to slip one volume from a tottering pile of books in Father’s library, Samantha had caused the entirety to collapse, sending tomes scattering across a table set for his afternoon tea. Mug, pot, plate of cookies… it all went tumbling and sloshing to the carpet.

In the ensuing silence, she heard Father clear his throat. Samantha was immobilized with fear. She oughtn’t to be here; she was overdue for kitchen duty.

“I was quite clumsy. Will you inform William for me?”

“Yes. Sorry!”

She heard him chuckle as she slipped away… book in hand.

Arthur, You BAAAAD Racoon


by PearlAnn SnowStar

As Samantha walked by Father’s Library, she heard a loud BOOM. Father! OMG!

She ran into the Library. A bookcase lay on the floor, books scattered all over. No sign of anyone, not even Father. Thank God, but what happened?

Something was moving under one of the books. She gingerly walked over towards it. When the book flew up, Samantha ran towards the entrance. She turned around. There was a frazzled Arthur chittering away with a cracker in his mouth. In his paws an opened package of crackers.

She rolled her eyes. Someone, once again, left food on the bookshelf.

Embarrassment Averted

by Tee Hoagland

Samantha entered Father’s library to return books, smiling at the newly remodeled room, courtesy of Cullen, Catherine, and Jenny. Heading upstairs toward a nook near the back, she paused, then hurried forward when a loud moan emanated from the area. Was someone hurt? Then she stopped, cheeks aflame, wishing her muscles would move her away, when she heard Catherine.

“Oh, Vincent, that’s amazing. A little to the… aahhh, right there. Ohhh, yeesss.”

“Was that good?” asked Vincent.

“Perfect. Thank you. You’re wonderful. That knot’s been in my neck all day.”

Samantha smiled, breathed a sigh of relief, and continued forward.


by Linda S Barth




Samantha gripped her pen so hard it nearly snapped in half. She gritted her teeth to keep from screaming.

But it didn’t help.


Now, that was a good “loud sound” word! She grumbled and shook her head. But not right for her story, the hardest assignment Father had ever given the class.

She thumped her fist on the library table. The borrowed thesaurus jumped. THUD! CRASH!

“Still not good enough!”

Angry tears blurred her eyes. She hurled her notebook across the chamber.




Perfect. She should have asked Vincent for help hours ago.

Samantha’s Interruption – Part One

by Tunnel Writer

“Finally, time alone.” Samantha sighed as she snuggled into Father’s chair and opened her book.

With so many chores after Winterfest, no one had a moment for themselves. Now that the tables and chairs were stored away, the candles removed, and the Great Hall scrubbed top to bottom for another year, everyone was granted a lazy day.

Samantha was deep into her book when a loud crash startled her. She looked and saw a stack of books had fallen over. Ellie was standing beside the stack smiling at her.

“Ellie?” Samantha whispered as her eyes grew wide. Then Ellie disappeared.

Samantha’s Interruption – Part 2

by Tunnel Writer

Samantha remained frozen where she stood.  I must be more tired than I thought.

Samantha heard another stack of books fall over. 

“Darn it, Ellie!” Samantha yelled.

Wait, was that a giggle?

Ellie reappeared and just smiled at her.

“I’ve missed you, Ellie.” Samantha said, allowing a tear to slide down her cheek.

Ellie nodded in understanding.

“Tell Eric I love him and miss him. Oh, and I read his letter,” she said as she started to disappear.

“I’ll tell him. I promise. Oh and, Ellie?”

Ellie stopped.

“Come visit anytime you wish. Just please, no more messes.”

Ellie disappeared.


by Katie A

BAM! The large book hit the floor of the loft right by Samantha’s foot. She hunched her shoulders and waited for the explosion of Father’s temper from below.

It never came. She cautiously opened her eyes, then slowly bent down to pick up the book.

Just as she was turning to leave the loft, a familiar soft voice asked, “Are you all right, Samantha?”

She nearly dropped the book again. “Sheesh, Vincent, you scared me!”

“I’m sorry. I was also looking for something when I heard the noise. I assume you and the book are undamaged?”

“Yes,” she answered. “Thanks.”


by Rebecca Gibson

The library cleared, slowly, only a few children remaining.

“Come on,” Kipper said.


“I dunno. Just anywhere.”

Eric and Ellie followed him into the tunnel, but Samantha shook her head sadly. She curled up in her favorite corner, head on her knees.

Was it wrong? Did it matter where Mouse got the stuff? Father thought so, and he was always right. But nothing felt right. Her whole world was crumbling. It felt like the floor was shaking.

A book tumbled down beside her, and another. The globe tilted and crashed. Far below, she heard a tremendous rumble, a roar…

**Note: This is a steamy story!**

Something in the Air Tonight

by Jo Fredericks

The 2 a.m. chime echoed on the pipes.

The Tunnel community slumbered but for a few who should have been abed.

Samantha, sleepy but determined, tiptoed into Father’s Library to “borrow” a certain manual Father had declared off limits to youngsters. She was sure she was old enough to read it.

She heard giggling and shushing. Hmmm…

Samantha approached the bookcase cautiously and plucked the manual off the shelf. Through the now open space, she glimpsed someone’s bare backside. She gasped, dropping the book, which elicited a scream from both her and someone else.

Samantha ran. Maybe Father was right!




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