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the dining chamber

The Subtle Electric Fire

by Carole W

She sensed his presence long before he touched her shoulder.

“Found you,” Vincent murmured against her temple.

The lingering of his last word stirred … remembrance.

She covered his hand with hers.

“And what is all this?” he asked.

A battered leather steamer trunk lay open on the dining chamber table, vintage musical scores papering the slab top.

“Mouse found a stack of old suitcases. We’re going through –”

He bent again to her ear, whispering.

She rose from the bench.

“Sheet music,” she echoed. “Is that anything like pillow talk?”

His riveted gaze was beguiling.

“That will come, Catherine … but after.”


by Katie A

Catherine was helping clean up the dining chamber after a “Donation Party.” One of the other helpers had brought several boxes of books and magazines, and everyone had a chance to come by and take something.

She found some loose pages on a table. Music. No title. She read a few measures and was humming when Vincent came in.

He listened a while before he said, “I didn’t know you could read music, Catherine.”

“I didn’t know YOU could write it!”

“How’d you know?”

“The script in the tempo notations. It’s a lovely melody.”

“It’s the song you gave my heart.”


by Rebecca Gibson

It was late now – or early. They passed through the fierce wind into the now silent tunnels, her arm tucked warmly into his.  They paused in the dining chamber: serving platters piled on the tables, someone’s violin and sheet music, half empty bottles of wine.

Catherine lifted a page of music – a waltz. “Can you hear it?” she whispered.

Vincent picked up one of the bottles. It was half full. He poured two glasses and set them on a stone ledge. “Catherine,” he bowed slightly. “That question you asked me earlier…?”

Her eyes met his, steady and certain.

“I remember.”

The Times They Are A-Changing

by JoAnn Baca

“Here you go.” Catherine deposited a box filled with sheet music onto a table in the Dining Chamber. “Every copy of the songs for The Sound of Music I could find.”

Rebecca clapped her hands. “This is wonderful! Mary will be thrilled!”

“It’s her first time directing a production. I have to support her however I can! Like the song says.”

Rebecca frowned, confused. “A Sound of Music song?”

“No, no!” Catherine recounted the lyrics to a hit recently on the radio. “‘Standing on their own two feet and ringing on their own bells. Sisters are doing it for themselves’!”


by Nelly

While cleaning the dining chamber after Father’s birthday party, Catherine found a yellowed music sheet in a drawer. It was an old and joyful song. Suddenly, she heard a voice singing that song; approaching that voice she discovered it was Wavey’s (*)!!!

“You know, Catherine, this is a song William and I sing while cooking. It cheers us up! We never knew where it came from. I think that the author wanted the song just to be sung, that’s all. This mystery will always be unsolved.”

“Great, Wavey! Now I got the added value to your delicious dishes.”

[Nelly’s note: Wavey is a speaking and cooking microwave oven. You can meet him in my CABB December Holidays Challenge story dedicated to the National Microwave Oven Day.]


by Vincent C. Peters

After ten years, Vincent and Catherine still enjoyed leaving handwritten notes for each other. This day was always the pinnacle of their daily note exchanges. It was the tenth anniversary of the night their lives changed forever.

She knew Vincent loved a good puzzle and had left a note for him on the plate at his setting in the dining chamber. She was the only one who knew of his musical inclinations and her message was simply six notes on a music staff which, to the untrained eye, would mean nothing, but to him they instantly spelled the word D-E-C-A-D-E.

Cocoon of Love

by Paula

“Catherine.” His whisper, longing, demanding, reflected in her heart. “Can’t we really just stay here together?” Vincent said, gently brushing her ear.

“I promised Samantha to deliver the sheet music for tomorrow’s concert. You know how much she cares. Besides, everyone is waiting for us in the dining chamber. I don’t want Cullen and Kanin to have fun with us like last time.”

She heard a cute, sweet sound, his hands roamed along her back, blue eyes stared at her intensely, and she already knew that they would not make it to dinner. All that mattered was this wonderful time.

O, Sweetest Song

by Linda S Barth

Catherine flourished a sheaf of sheet music. “Father, I found the one you want!”

“Perfect – a Mozart duet for tenor and soprano!”

“After all that practice with other songs, I’m glad we’ve made our choice.” She surveyed the vast chamber. “It’s too early for dinner. Should we rehearse here?”

“The acoustics are good…but we need privacy if this is to be our surprise at Winterfest.”

As the two scuttled away, another duo exchanged grins in the kitchen.

“So, that’s what we heard last night.” William snickered.

“Must have been.” Mary chuckled. “I’d worried someone had stepped on poor Arthur’s tail!”

**Please note:  The following is a steamy story!**

I Like the Sound of Your Song

by Jo Fredericks

The 2 a.m. chime echoed on the pipes.

The Tunnel community slumbered.

Catherine gathered stray sheet music in the Dining Chamber, leftovers from the Christmas pageant.

A swish of cloak behind her and the sound of boots on paving stones prepared her for his arms a moment later. Head back, she received his kisses as his lips grazed her neck, his hands stroking her languidly. Quivering, she turned, sheet music fluttering to the ground. Kissing, teasing him, until he lifted her to a table and brought them both to ecstasy.

“Merry Christmas,” he murmured.

“You’re the perfect gift,” she whispered.  




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