by Paula

illustrations by the author

a few stolen moments after the episode “Orphans”


In the cold, empty hour, On your fate to dare

~ J.Kofta. One Must Dream


“Thank you, Vincent.” These words resonated in his heart, and he still felt her grateful kiss on his lips… He wanted a lot more and wanted it to last…longer.

His longing gaze wandered toward the entrance to her world…A world in which there was no place for him.

Some force was pushing him toward her. He ran to the ladder, as if that could change anything, bring her back to him again, so close. Resignedly, he leaned against the wall and lowered his head as a great sigh, giving no relief, was heard in the nearby hallway.

Catherine, what are you doing to me? Don’t I have a heart tormented enough by hiding the depths of my feelings? All the time I am on guard against caressing, against kissing…. but I dreamed of this moment, and when it began to come true, I could not even move my hand or utter a single word. I should be ashamed to want more…. But I want it! And at this moment I don’t have the strength to hide it.

He looked hopefully toward the entrance once more, wanting only the sight of her. He clenched his fists trying to stop the torrent of feelings flooding him. I should go now, but returning to my chamber is out of the question, as is talking to anyone…This need, so long hidden, refused to leave him. He was afraid to experience this freedom. Show her what you feel…show her who you are. No! It can’t be like this!


Catherine moved the boxes covering the entrance to the tunnels. Music played in her heart. The feeling of abandonment remained…but she had strength and new hope, an awareness of her father’s acceptance, which she would need to move on.

She kissed Vincent, a moment so long awaited, too brief, but now forever remembered. She left too soon for her world, but only to avoid pressing him….everything for his comfort.

I couldn’t cross the boundary he set, but at least I pushed it a little. She smiled gently and closed her eyes and remembered the tender moment.

So soft and warm were his lips. He looked at me so innocently with amazement in his eyes…Vincent, if only you would let me… She sighed and was about to leave when she felt a feeling of immense longing that stopped her in her tracks.

A torrent of emotions mixed together flooded her…longing, fear, need, all of them so strong, so similar to what she felt herself. Is it possible? Did you open up to me?

Unsure what to do, she stood still for a while, but she couldn’t leave him in that kind of confusion.

Perhaps you wanted my presence with you. She began to wonder…and after a while

she pushed back the boxes and began to descend the ladder…

As if by touch of a magic wand, what he needed was coming true. He sensed her movement, but his legs wouldn’t listen. He watched her reappear in his world, so close again. Confused by this situation, a little lost, he didn’t know whether to run away or leave everything to fate. However, fear prevailed; when her feet touched the ground, he turned away from her as if ready to flee.

“Vincent, are you all right?” She stopped him by her soft voice.

“Yes.”  He was still turned away, pressed against the wall.

She came closer and touched his arm. “I felt so many emotions intertwined with each other.”

He turned around immediately and looked at her with such a longing gaze that her heart squeezed.

He took her hand and they walked deeper into the hallway.

drawing of Vincent

He leaned against the wall and took a deep breath.

“Catherine, that kiss you gave me. It surprised me and filled me with such joy. I couldn’t move or say a word. Emotions overwhelmed me.” He bowed his head.

“Vincent…” She began, but he interrupted her.

“I’m sorry, I have to finish what I want to tell you. I don’t know if you can imagine what I’m feeling right now. No woman has ever kissed me, and I could only dream of a kiss from you… I never believed I would feel the softness of your lips. You gave me so much, I was grateful and happy, but when you left for your world, I felt a deep longing. Catherine, I didn’t want it to end. I wanted you to…”

He looked at her, uncertain whether to continue. Her gaze was encouraging and full of love.

“I wanted you to stay with me longer. I needed more time with you. I know it’s selfish. I didn’t want to keep you, since you made the decision to come back Above. You kissed me out of gratitude, and it caused me so many feelings that I couldn’t control and I made you feel them through our bond. Forgive me, Catherine, I didn’t want to make it difficult for you, you are in mourning.”

He sighed, looking for understanding in her gaze.

Tears glistened in her eyes. Always unworthy, as if for him there was no other way than to live alone without a chance to fulfill his fondest dreams. She could not allow him to have such feelings. You are the most caring person I know, with a big and generous heart.

“Vincent, let’s sit down.” Her voice was calm and quiet. Being still confused he nodded and took off his cloak and spread it on the ground. They sat together, and, still full of tension, he leaned against the brick wall.

“Vincent, don’t apologize to me for your feelings, because they are the same as mine. I have already told you in the past not to be afraid of wanting something just for yourself, that you deserve everything, and I still think so. It’s not selfish that you wanted me to stay with you longer. I’m grateful to you for sharing this with me, for not hiding these feelings and emotions inside. I have long dreamed of kissing you.”

He looked at her surprised, still in disbelief that he was the one she had bestowed her love on.

“Yes, Vincent, I also dreamed, but I was afraid. I’m grateful for the strength you gave me to return. You gave me comfort in my grief. This kiss was given out of gratitude, but also out of love. You said that we must go with courage and care. I dared to show you that I can go further, I’m not afraid of showing you my feelings in another way.”

He put his arm around her, and she laid her head on his chest. His heart was beating at a frantic pace. She began to gently stroke his chest wanting to soothe, to assure him that all these emotions were appropriate. He covered her hand gently with his and squeezed lightly, stopping her movement.

Too soon for him, she thought, listening to the still fast rhythm.

After a long moment, she sensed that he relaxed a little, still squeezed her hand… But with gentle movements he began to stroke her back. Catherine made no move, not knowing if she should respond to his tentative caresses, not wanting to frighten him, letting him go at his own pace.

As Vincent raised her hand to his lips and kissed her palm, she watched, enchanted at his gentle caresses. When he looked at her, it was a moment when time stopped. In that place on the floor against the brick wall, he was happier than ever before. Their longing and need were obvious.

Catherine touched his cheek and began to slowly bring her face closer to his. He knew what was to come. As if hypnotized, he looked at her lips and when he felt them on his own, he closed his eyes, worshiping the moment. Yes, I will remember it always.

Vincent and Catherine kissing

The kiss was gentle, unhurried; they absorbed a new sensation and closeness, so long awaited. His hands wandered down her back and stopped at her waist, holding her gently like the greatest treasure.

After a long moment, they broke the kiss and touched foreheads. Smiles adorned their faces.

“I’m glad I came back. I too dreamed of stealing a few more moments together and I’m so happy with this freedom to show our feelings.” Her eyes sparkled.

He could feel her delight, and he was, as always, astonished by her love and care for him. He felt unworthy, felt as if he was taking away from her the possibility of a better life with someone Above, but he couldn’t deny the immense happiness he felt kissing her and touching her in a more intimate way. His dreams were an understatement compared to reality.

“Now I’m happy, too, although I’m full of fears. It’s all so new to me. To be able to kiss you is another dream fulfilled.” He stroked her cheek.

“Vincent, more dreams are waiting to be fulfilled in their own time.”

At this point, he could only kiss her again, this time keeping his lips against hers longer, memorizing, gently exploring…He did not deepen the kiss…he tread carefully. What he was giving her was extraordinary, the touch of his mouth so close, his breath, the gentle movement of his lips, she felt intensely and so much intimacy in such a small gesture.

He stroked her shoulders gently, and after a while he kissed her cheek, reached the scar and stopped there. She felt him tremble, and his breath warmed her.

“I have to stop, though it feels heavenly,” he whispered in her ear.

She could only nod, absorbing his feelings, memorizing all gestures.

They sat close, hugged in silence, needing no words but only each other’s presence.

Vincent and Catherine in a cuddle - drawing by Paula

The blissful state lasted a long time; neither of them wanted to break it. They needed it, and although they couldn’t stay that way forever, at least they tried to prolong the moment to the maximum.

Catherine listened to his finally steady heartbeat. “I could stay like this forever, close in your arms.”

He hugged her tighter, already missing her. “But your duties Above and mine Below separate us.”

“Vincent, evenings and weekends are always ours.”

He sighed and nodded, and then her face was snuggled into his chest. 

The warmth of his body, the safety of his arms around her… and that was all she needed, but her life Above was calling her, and their time together today had to end. But something had changed between them, and it was a wonderful change, full of promise.

He sensed her despondency, but also something joyful smoldered inside her.

“Can you tell me what you are thinking about?” He nuzzled his nose into her hair.

“I would like to invite you for dinner at my apartment tomorrow.” She looked at him with hope.

His gaze was thoughtful. He knew how a dinner at her apartment could end. He had dreamed about it more than once.

“I’m grateful for your invitation, but I would prefer to spend time on your balcony.”

“Sort of like a picnic?” she added, trying to mask her small disappointment.

He nodded, feeling her emotions, but for him the balcony was a safer place. The apartment is a tempting option, but I feel too weak.

“So, I think that 7 pm will be good for both of us.”

“Yes…Catherine, I feel that you hoped for a different answer, but I’m not ready to cross that line yet.”

She appreciated his sincerity, his openness this evening. Now everything seemed more possible.

“I understand your fear, and believe me I didn’t mean to pressure you. It was just a proposal. There will be a time when we spend our time together inside.” She began stroking his cheek.

He closed his eyes and savored her touch, grateful for her understanding. They hugged each other tightly and stood like that…one more minute, one more hug, one more touch to remember, so that later, in the silence of his chamber, he could draw strength from these moments.

She looked at him longingly and it was a reflection of his feelings.

Vincent tilted his head shyly and placed the gentlest kiss she had ever received. It was beautiful and enough at the moment.

V and C kissing on balcony

She left for the second time that evening, again to her world.

He could only look behind her in amazement, this time hiding his longing, worshiping her for this time together, but in his soul still chastising himself for his inability to control his feelings.


When Catherine entered her apartment, she felt her loneliness there… She remembered his touch and gentle kisses… she must have drawn strength and solace from that in her sorrow. The time will come that we too will find a way to be truly together and make all our dreams come true.

The bed seemed too big, but she could already feel the fatigue of the whole day. She imagined him next to her, whispered “Good night”, and fell into a soothing and peaceful sleep.


Vincent was stunned. They had moved from her grateful kiss to gentle caresses and more kisses. He walked toward his chamber thoughtfully…how would it go on? Catherine took such pleasure from my touch, I could feel it and it was remarkable.

He passed Cullen but did not notice him, then passed Mary, also no reaction…and walked on absorbed in his thoughts and already emerging concerns.

Cullen smiled at Mary. “Something special must have happened.”

She nodded. “Let’s just hope it’s something good.”

“I’m sure it is. Don’t worry.” He put his arm around her. “Let’s go, dinner time is approaching.”

Vincent lay down on the bed. Feelings of gratitude and happiness were mixed with anxiety and guilt. I only showed her a substitute for what I really feel, and I am so stunned by it.

Reading did not bring solace, and this time there were not even enough words to leave on the pages of the journal.

Pleasant thoughts about how their relationship was developing were destroyed by fear. Overwhelmed and uncertain, he drifted off into dreamland… However, a sleep full of struggles with his dark side, did not bring solace. 

He pulled himself up from the bed, almost growling, and headed to where he hoped to find peace. The water gave him solace. He sat there for a while and allowed himself to dream of a happy life… one that Father said would not be for them…

Dreams have power, they give strength, hope…Will we succeed, Catherine?By your side it seems possible, but in my world I have only doubts.

He touched his lips; his eyes were closed. If you only knew how much I love you…I wish I could show you.


Catherine woke up very rested. Her dreams were beautiful and full of excitement and possibilities. She smiled and stretched, purring. She glanced at her watch and experienced shock.

“It’s almost noon! I didn’t think I could sleep so long. I better start planning the rest of the day, because before I know it, it’ll be time for our picnic.”

The refrigerator was a little empty, so she prepared to go out. A walk will do me good, a walk in the sun, what a pity not with you by my side.

This was not the time for culinary experiments, so she called a restaurant to order dinner. She chose a Caesar salad with chicken and two cakes with ice cream from Brickyard. A light dinner, and then something sweet.

All the while, she felt excited about their upcoming time together, spent in a place between their worlds. Here we can also experience special moments worth remembering.

The day was sunny.  She was in no hurry.  Her thoughts wandered to Vincent. How are you feeling, how is your day going? I would like to be with you during the day as well.

While eating French toast outside the Harvest Kitchen, she observed her surroundings. Couples heading toward Central Park and others sharing a meal together. Vincent would like this place. Melancholy was trying to seep into her heart, but that was something she could not afford.

A walk and a good meal filled her with energy. Depressing thoughts she pushed aside; all that mattered now was their time together.

She set some candles on the balcony and moved the table and chairs against the wall to make room. She spread out a blanket and pillows to create a place for them. We can read or do something else here. A playful smile adorned her face.

After a quick shower, she chose a suitable dress in light pink with a delicate neckline. The material was airy, so she added a short cotton sweater in the same color. Wanting to look natural, she left her hair loose, falling to her shoulders… No pressure, no temptation.


Vincent’s day passed quickly. He tried to focus on his duties and lessons with the children, but his thoughts constantly drifted in one way. He sensed her joyful mood, and this filled him with an incredible satisfaction. How grateful I am for you.

Concerns about an evening with her did not leave him; he wanted closeness more than anything and feared it equally.

He looked at his hands, which had given her a gentle caress…And she did not move away. Maybe after all? I’m even afraid to dream about it.

While getting ready to leave, he heard footsteps in the hallway, so he hurriedly put on his blue shirt and vest, then watched as an unexpected visitor entered his chamber.

“William, how can I help you?”

“I heard your conversation with Father and thought you could bring something to your visit with Catherine. I baked cookies with honey and nuts and wanted to share them with you. They will keep for a long time, so you can eat them whenever you want.”

Vincent’s eyes sparkled joyfully. “You know how I love your cookies. Thank you very much. I’m sure they are delicious. Catherine will also be grateful for your sweet gift.”

William smiled broadly. “Have a nice evening and a quiet one. You deserve as many moments as possible just for yourselves.”

Vincent was pleased for these words and acceptance. “Thank you again. It means a lot to both of us.”

William left for his cooking duties, and Vincent took his coat, William’s gift and a book of poems by Keats. It’s time to go.

He took a deep breath and walked toward the exit of the tunnels at Central Park.

The evening was warm enough to spend time outside. Nature favors us, my love.

He didn’t even know when he was near her building. He stepped lightly onto a balcony pleasingly decorated with candlelight, a table and on it two bowls, cutlery, napkins, and fragrant rolls.  Pillows and a blanket laid out…We can read here or do something else…

He carefully placed the cookies and the book on the table and looked tentatively through the balcony door.

She was searching for something, dressed in a delicate gown.

How I love you. You’re so perfect, so beautiful. He was intoxicated by her. I could stand like this and savor your every move.

Catherine noticed him and ran straight into his arms. They hugged each other tightly, and for a long time as if the separation had lasted for days….and not only one.

That joy in her eyes. She looked at him expectantly… He knew what she was waiting for. He leaned his head still hesitantly and gently kissed her. She was enchanted by the sensation of such an innocent kiss and felt the power hidden in her beloved.

Catherine asking Vincent to stay, drawing by Paula

“Vincent, I’ve been thinking about you all day and couldn’t wait for our picnic.”

Her happiness warmed his heart. “I thought of you, too.” Still uncertain, he turned his attention to the table. “I brought cookies from William.”

“Oh, that’s so nice of him. I love the sweets he prepares. Thank him from me.”

He sensed her slight embarrassment. “But I already ordered a chocolate cake with ice cream for us.”

“Mmm…it sounds appetizing. Don’t worry, Catherine, these cookies will last, and we can eat them next time.”

“Next time, how wonderful it sounds in my ears.” She smiled significantly and

he tilted his head, feeling an unusual sensation flow through his body.

“Would you like to drink wine or tea?”

The question snapped him out of his dreamy state.

“Tea will be fine. After wine I might not be able to go back the same way.” He smiled charmingly.

Catherine giggled and went to the kitchen. I have to control myself and not push, although I could spend this evening kissing him and it would be like heaven for me.

She shook her head. Stop, I have to stop!

Vincent felt her turbulent emotions, but knowing what battle was going on inside him, he did not want to broach the topic.

The tea steeped and they quietly ate their meal, glancing at each other. The sounds of Debussy’s Claire de Lune from her player intensified the romantic mood.

They finished a pleasant meal. Catherine cleared the plates and returned in a few minutes with the tea.

“I was up too late, so I didn’t want to experiment in the kitchen. I thought it would be safer to order dinner. I often use this restaurant.  They have good food and are close by.”

“I enjoyed it very much. It was very tasty and filling,” he replied kindly.

“I’d like to make something for us next time.” She looked at him uncertainly.

“Perhaps next time I would like to help you with it. We can prepare something quite interesting together.” He looked at her quizzically.

Her smile melted his heart. How good it is that I’m sitting down. I would surely lose my balance.

They moved to a blanket and started drinking tea in the comfort of pillows.

I feel so pleased, I was dreading this evening, and this is an amazing time for us. He looked at her relaxed face.

At the same moment, she turned to face him. He knew she shared his feelings.

She laid her head on his arm, grateful for their time together.

He held her hand, his thumb gently stroking her palm. Catherine enjoyed his every touch, wanting to give him more of herself and at the same time fighting not to scare him off. How to be brave, but not to overdo it? She wrinkled her forehead.

Vincent looked at her, waiting for her to reveal her thoughts.

“Do you feel like dessert now, or would you rather talk or read?”  She wanted to push away tempting thoughts.

I think that’s not what’s bothering you, my dear,” he thought.

“Dessert will be fine.”

As she walked slowly, her movements looked sensual to him, every word spoken through her lips warmed him…

He shook his head, wanting to drive those thoughts away, but he was so close to her here now and craved her touch and kisses.

She appeared after a while and looked like an angel. A radiance shone from her, and Vincent forgot his fears, only wishing she was close.

“Tell me about your day. I felt your contentment and it brightened my time Below.”

“I spent a pleasant day. I slept until midday” She was still surprised that she really slept that long.

Vincent still maintained own fight against the dreams that tormented him.

“I ate breakfast outside the restaurant and I watched people walking, talking during the meal, and I was thinking about you…how are you feeling, what your day looks like.”

Vincent was touched by her words.

“I ordered our meal and I started preparing for our date. Time passed by so quickly, the day seemed shorter for me.” She smiled at him engagingly and he found her enchanting.

“Let’s start eating or the ice cream will melt.” Her voice sounded soft.

“My heart is melting when I listen to you,” he whispered, leaning towards her.

Catherine felt a delicate pink cover her cheeks. “Thank you. I can say the same about your voice, which has a soothing and calming effect.”  

Vincent smiled at her kind words, and he started eating the cake.

The chocolate brownie with ice cream was a feast for their senses. Soft sounds of delight reached her ears. She looked in his direction and noticed that the entire dessert had disappeared from his plate.

“This was perfect, Catherine. I have a weakness for chocolate, and on top of that this ice cream…paradise for my taste buds.”

“It’s true, the cake is delicious. I still have a little. I will share it with you.”

“No, thank you, I ate my portion.”

“I’ll be happy to give you some more. Please don’t deny me.”

As if I could, he thought. His gaze was full of sensuality.

She put a piece on a spoon and held it toward his mouth.

Another spoonful of dessert went to her mouth. She took great pleasure in the process of sharing, but Vincent stopped her movement.

He was dazed and something unusual began to form between them.

“I’ve enjoyed it, but that’s enough.” His voice sounded demanding.

Catherine wanted it to last longer, but she sensed something in him and agreed not to persuade him again.

She slowly finished the rest of the meal and only managed to put the plates on the table when she felt him behind her…

He nuzzled his nose into her hair…his breath was heavy and suddenly she felt his hands on her arms. He stroked her from the shoulder along her arms. He kissed her neck and the place behind ear.

Catherine was amazed. His gentle caress was exciting, so long awaited, so needed… He put his hands on her waist and she turned to him…They looked at each other intensely and he started to kiss her cheek and the corner of mouth. She murmured softly, and for him it was the most beautiful music…He pressed kisses to her neck, and there she felt his tongue.

The intensity of the sensation made her move closer to the table…and then…the sound of shattering plates left them still…

V and C in close conversation, drawing by Paula

He looked at her as if torn from some dream. Fear and shame appeared at the same time. “I’m sorry Catherine, I don’t know…”

“No!” her voice was serious. “I’m the one who broke the plates.” She smiled at him.

“You know what I’m talking about.” He stayed close but uncertain.

“Don’t even think about apologizing to me for something so sensual and  beautiful.”  She touched his arm and began to collect broken pieces.

When she disappeared behind the balcony door, he sat down on the blanket and leaned heavily against the pillows. He closed his eyes and was immediately consumed by his memories.

How could I let myself be carried away by these feelings? Where did my strength go? I felt Catherine’s satisfaction, I know she enjoyed my caresses, and yet I am disturbed that I dared to do this. If it hadn’t been for the clatter of shattering plates, I don’t know how things would have gone on. I thought the temptation would be less on the balcony. I have to end this evening before I go too far…but I will do it with a heavy heart. So far, everything has been going so well. I cannot get so carried away with my feelings and desire.

Being in turmoil, Vincent did not notice how Catherine approached and sat down next to him. The touch of her hand on his face roused him from his reverie.

He took her hand and looked at their intertwined hands for a moment. How different I am. I felt so confused.

She sensed his struggle and was afraid that such a wonderful evening would end too soon. Please no, not yet, I want you by my side longer. She allowed herself to feel all the emotions.

He smiled sadly. “I thought to end the evening. Maybe what happened was to make me stop and not do something I shouldn’t…but I couldn’t do that, leave you after what we shared. It wouldn’t be fair to what I told you in the Chamber of the Falls. I began to wonder, where did my courage go?”

“However, you found it. You stayed,” she whispered.

He sighed. “Yes, I must admit to something.” His gaze was serious. “For me it was a remarkable moment, and I never expected to dare to touch you in this way…”

“I waited for so long and when this dream began to come true, I broke the plates out of happiness.” She sounded playful.

They laughed gently.

She stroked his chest and smiled softly, and he sometimes forgot to breathe when he looked at her face so full of love for him. The amazement never left him.

“I noticed that you brought Keats’ poems. Will you read them to me?”

“With pleasure” his voice cracked.

She rested her head on his shoulder. While he read romantic verses, she felt the words envelop her. How she drifted…after a long while she fell asleep. He sensed her breathing calmly, looked at her cuddled up to him, smiling softly.

Now he could think… The kiss, the touch…all of this new for us. Freedom, but not for sure…

She doesn’t know anything about Lisa…and what I did because I let myself succumb to the moment and desire…Is all this possible, a life together, will I give her love with these hands?…I’m even afraid to dream that I do, but I can have a shadow of hope after all that Catherine and I shared, that maybe it’s possible even for me. Perhaps we should try, Catherine…

He leaned his head against hers, feeling slightly tired.

After a long moment, Vincent joined her in dreams, and then a light night wind turned the pages of a book lying on a blanket until it stopped on one of the poems…

V and C almost a sleep on balcony, image by paula

Asleep! O sleep a little while, white pearl!
And let me kneel, and let me pray to thee,
And let me call Heaven’s blessing on thine eyes,
And let me breathe into the happy air,
That doth enfold and touch thee all about,
Vows of my slavery, my giving up,
My sudden adoration, my great love! 1



1. John Keats. Asleep! O Sleep A Little While, White Pearl!


  1. I love this story, Paula! You really get to the heart of your characters and treat them with such respect. I heard Vincent’s voice in my head through your dialogue and Catherine’s too. I was left basking in their hope and commitment.

    • I’m very glad that you loved the story and noticed my involvement in the feeling connecting Catherine and Vincent. I am flattered by your words and it is amazing to me that my story made such a good impression on you, leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction. Thank you, Carole, I am so grateful for all this.

  2. Paula, you have an ear for how Vincent and Catherine speak. It is a rare gift. I’m excited about the possibilities for them. Maybe it’s time to pick out a new china pattern, (and house, and couch, and bed, and…) 😉

    Thank you for this. It was a lovely read.

    • Karen you wrote such important words for me, I feel amazed and incredibly happy that you like my writing. Your words are very encouraging to me as a beginning writer.
      There is power in possibilities. 😁
      Thank you so much!

  3. Paula, this is your best story yet! I can’t wait to see what else you will imagine and create for our beloved Vincent and Catherine and the happiness they so deserve. It is such a pleasure to read a story that expands the canon world while still keeping it all so believable and in character. I can clearly see how your story is the ending that episode should have had. Thank you for writing it!!

    • Linda, in this story I wanted to be real, I wanted to write what I see after the kiss. I felt the need to give them something more, and at the same time I didn’t want to go too far away from the things that were present at that stage of their relationship.And it is an honor for me to have achieved my goal…. It’s such a wonderful feeling when someone appreciates history.
      It’s a huge boost.
      Thanks to your words and encouragement I have shared this story…so you have contributed to the fact that others can read it and in addition you have made me very happy.😊 From the bottom of my heart Linda thank you for all you do for me.

  4. Absolutely lovely. I lost myself in the story I heard Vincent voice in my ear. I love how Catherine had to hold back , so she wouldn’t ravish him. I love stories that bring them close together and definitely would like to have seen Orphans end like this. Just lovely

    • Thank you, Karen you are so kind, you received this story the way I wanted and I am grateful that you wrote about it. You made me immensely happy!


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