CABB’s 2021

April 12th Challenge



by PearlAnn SnowStar


“Okay good, okay fine.” Oh God, if he says that one more time, I am going to scream!

I watched as Mouse was toying with a gizmo. Calm down, let your globs flow up, down. This is going to be a regular day for you. Breathe.

Mouse jumped out of bed, sending Arthur scurrying along chittering. Mouse will soon run out. Then soon come running back in. Too much activity.

I remembered when I was at the hippie store, shiny, new, in a package. I thought that some nice happy hippie would take me home, plug me in, meditate, and life will become mellow. But no. The guy that bought me took me home to his wife. And what did she do? She yelled at him that I was a waste of electricity. That she had no need to chill out, as he put it, and to get rid of me.

But instead of giving me to Goodwill or some other nice place, he dumps me in the trash outside. The trash! That was where Mouse found me. My glass container for the blue globs was scratched from how carelessly he tossed me in the can. I was sure I was going to meet a lonely cruel fate. Crushed by a trash compactor! That was when Mouse came to the trash can and saw me. Finding me interesting, he took me out of the can. My packaging was torn so he took me out of it and examined me.

Then those words… “Ok good, ok fine.”

Oh, he says other words, but those are the ones he says the most. And his routine of in and out, feeding Arthur, the raccoon, giving him water, toying with some gizmo and talking to himself. Always active, busy. Mouse is so hyper.

There are days when this running around routine does not happen. Days when Mouse is out on top for most of the day. Those times are the few days of peace.

Sometimes someone comes in needing him to help them with either fixing something or to help find something. Those are peaceful times, too.

I wonder if he will ever achieve a level of tranquility longer than a day or two?

I looked at other items Mouse had next to me. There were two other lava lamps next to me who hardly said a word. They just went about their day, globs going up and down, like they were supposed to. How they did it so calmly, with this hurricane of a being, was amazing!

Today there was a tension in the air. Maybe I’m having my own out of order day? Perhaps all the emergencies that occurred in the past few days and how Mouse reacted, had me upset. Mouse was more frantic than ever, like he was going to explode with ideas and brainstorming. Yet, whatever the small emergencies were, they seemed to have been resolved by yesterday. Still, Mouse was overly energetic today.

Reflecting on all the upsets that occurred, my globs of blue started to speed up. Making loud glops. Mouse had returned, noticed the activity and walked over.

He picked me up and started to check my connections. “Too fast.” He checked me out, then put me down. “Maybe too much power?”

Mouse pulled the cord out of the socket on an overloaded power cord. Then he plugged it back into the socket.

Calm down, let it be. You don’t want Mouse to start fiddling with you.

My blue globs were once again moving nice and slow. Up. Down.

“Better now.” Mouse smiled. He looked around and scurried out of the chamber.

Oh, peace and quiet. Except for that darn raccoon. Its beady eyes were looking at me like it was going to knock me off the shelf or do something else.

I decided to try to move my globs very fast. And that seemed to work. Arthur jumped over to the bed, then jumped down to the floor and scampered out of the chamber.

Why didn’t I have a nice hippie home? A hippie on drugs would not have been this wild. Wait. Maybe that person would be?

Mouse was filled with kinetic bursts of energy and enthusiasm that were overwhelming. But he was an ok person to belong to.

Nice and slow. Blue glob up. Blue glob down. Blue, the color for serenity. Be serene.

Jamie walked into the chamber. She is a nice person. One of the few I like. She seems like a no-nonsense gal. She does not fuss, nor complain and is very determined. Why couldn’t I be in her chamber? She looked around and not seeing Mouse, walked out.

Another hour of quiet, then I heard voices. Mouse was back. With someone.

“Can check. Batteries good idea. “ Mouse came in with Catherine. “Help. Find a nice empty chamber. Fun games for children.”

Ah, the lady fair. That’s another chamber I would like to be in. Vincent’s chamber. Filled with interesting things. The lady fair would be in that chamber a lot. Vincent. Catherine. So deeply in love. Wait, that might not be a good idea. There is such a heat between those two. What if…?

Ok, maybe the lady fair’s apartment? That would be quiet. Yes. That would be nice. But would I fit in with her décor?

Catherine started to laugh. “Thank you, Mouse. I’m glad you are helping me out with this.”

I noticed that Mouse was examining what looked to be a video console? Was Catherine asking for trouble?

“Simple. Easy.” Mouse was excited. “Always get good stuff.”

“Why, thank you.” Catherine smiled. “I thought the children might enjoy some video games.” She paused, “if Father will let them.”

“Vincent help. “ Mouse turned toward her. “Set up now?”


They both went out. That was so nice. He did attempt to be helpful.

Maybe I am in my perfect home. After all this time, though, it is still hard to get used to all the activity that is going on, but there are moments of quiet, like now.

I decided to turn back to my meditation. The globs of blue floated up and down as I retreated to a peacefulness inside myself.

“Ok good, ok fine.” Mouse ran back in. I cringed. Those words!

Ok good, ok flow. That was better.

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  1. Fantastic, energetic and vibrant as Mouse story. I enjoyed it very much, I was smiling the whole time while reading it


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