by Paula

* Adult Content *

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.
     ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

After enduring many hardships, two souls were united, surrounded by family in candlelight and with beautiful music in the background. Their journey together began, and though several months had passed since this important event, a mood of joyful celebration still prevailed in the tunnels.

Now in this magical world, in a shared chamber, they tasted a new life for two. And although they sometimes forgot about the whole world, no one minded, and everything was done to make sure they had as much time as possible. Vincent wasn’t assigned guard duties at night, he was sent home early from his work in the tunnels, and when Catherine was home, Father took over his lessons…

“Catherine.” His whisper was longing, demanding, and reflected in her heart.

“Can’t we really just stay here together?” he asked, gently brushing her ear.

“Vincent, I promised Samantha I’d deliver the sheet music for tomorrow’s concert. You know how much she cares. Besides, everyone is waiting for us in the dining chamber. I don’t want Cullen and Kanin to have fun with us like last time.”

In response she heard a lovely, sweet sound, his moan of defiance. His hands roamed along her back, blue eyes stared at her intensely…and she already knew that they wouldn’t make it to dinner. The only thing that mattered was this special moment…

It began with a tender kiss on her lips and she responded by gently biting his lower lip. Vincent smiled broadly, endearingly.

She could look at his enjoyment all the time and savor this happiness, now visible in every action. She touched his cheek, tracing the contours of his face, and he closed his eyes, savoring the slightest caress…

“Oh, Catherine…my love…” His hoarse voice was warming. Her hands traced his neck and farther along his chest, for a moment blending into the thicket of soft hair and gently massaging his muscled body. His breathing quickened…. and she sighed in pleasure, completely attuned to him.

“Vincent, I need you close…”

V and C together in a loving pose in bed. Art by crowmama

Art by Crowmama

And he loved when she whispered like that…with great eagerness, he snuggled tighter into her…. and no words could convey the depth of what was between them…               

He spread gentle kisses all over her body, caressed every inch with his breath.

“You freed me, Catherine, and saved me in many ways.” He spoke quietly, between adoring kisses.

“Just like you did to me.” She purred with increasing pleasure, massaging his back, going tenderly lower and lower…

Feelings of excitement, anticipation flowed through the bond. Vincent gently turned her onto her stomach, and he started his journey again from her neck, alternately giving kisses and flicks of his tongue.

“So beautiful…so delicate,” he whispered and…he touched…and touched…

She turned toward him and her eyes were full of expectation. She pulled him close.

“Don’t make me wait any longer”… and he wouldn’t refuse her anything.

They clung to each other and slowly, rhythmically rose in their passion.

The chamber echoed with the melody of their quickened breaths and whispered words … “my love, my only” … whether they were her words or his, or perhaps expressed together. They clasped hands and with slow, deep movements found mutual fulfillment…

V and C's hands, fingers intertwined. Art by the author, Paula

Art by the author, Paula

They lay sweetly exhausted, entwined as if in a cocoon, not wanting to return yet from this place where love reigned and all the cares of the world were denied entrance.

He traced circles on her back and she rested, cuddled sweetly in his lush embrace. They fell asleep for a while. Dinner time had long passed, and Samantha would have to wait for the sheet music…

Vincent woke up first and looked at his beloved. The blanket had slipped from her shoulders, revealing her tempting back… A sweet torture for my senses, my life, delightfully snuggled into me. How could I want more? And yet I allowed myself to dream of something cherished and precious, born of our love.

These thoughts reminded him of a conversation with Catherine that had taken place some time ago.  It was like a liberation for them. The long-delayed topic of having children suddenly came up one late afternoon.

It all started quite innocently. Having been lost in each other’s arms, they were a little late for dinner.  They stopped in front of the entrance to the dining chamber to calm their breathing. They looked at each other.

“Shirt tied, sweater turned right side out, skirt buttoned and pants, too!” she said with relief and satisfaction.

“Catherine, we won’t hide what stopped us.” He nuzzled his nose into her hair, inhaling the familiar scent.

She closed her eyes…but immediately stepped back quickly and said cheerfully, “We’d better get in there, or else…” She took a deep breath.

Blue eyes looked at her playfully. “Let’s go then.” He put his arm around her waist and they entered for a late meal.

Cullen noticed them first. He nodded and smiled broadly. Kanin said something to Olivia for which he was nudged in the side by her.

Oh, this will be fun. Vincent thought, grimacing slightly. Catherine grabbed his hand, sensing his little confusion. One look at her face was enough to fill him with amazing strength. With confident steps, they approached the table.

Rebecca invited them to sit next to her. “How nice that you are here. William served a meat casserole and a filling vegetable soup today,” she said kindly.

Catherine smiled broadly. “That’s wonderful, because we are very hungry and we can’t wait to eat such delicious food.”

The company exchanged glances, then Cullen grunted. “Soon there will be a need to make more space in your chamber, and I think I should start carving a cradle.” He winked at Kanin.

Vincent initially lowered his head, then realized that this situation was perfect to bring up the postponed topic between Catherine and him, and now he was pleased with the teasing. His face, still hidden by his hair, was adorned with a gentle smile.

Kanin moved away from Olivia as a precaution. “I think there’s something going on.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “Let them eat in peace.” She tried to keep a straight face, but she felt great joy in her heart, looking at the couple in love.

Olivia shook her head with a smile. “You two will never change.”

“It’s just innocent fun.” Kanin rested his head on his spouse’s shoulder.

Mouse happened to be passing by the table. “I heard fun? … Yes! …Vincent likes to have fun … good! Better like good!” He patted his friend’s shoulder and ran towards the exit, presumably to work on his next gadget.

Pascal opened his eyes wide and stared at his friend’s reaction.

Vincent rested his head on his hands and his shoulders began to shake. Catherine hid her face in his hair…and in a moment all the revelers burst out laughing.

When Vincent mastered the attack of laughter, he looked at his friends from under his bangs and said, trying to adopt a serious tone, “Cullen, if there is need of additional space or new furniture, you will hear about it as soon as possible.” His eyes sparkled with joy.

Cullen rubbed his teary eyes. “I think I won’t have to wait long,” he replied cheerfully.

Catherine giggled. “You guys are really cute with these jokes.” She hugged her beloved’s shoulder. “After all…we’re newlyweds.” Her voice sounded warm and without worry.

Everyone returned to the meal, enjoying the magic spread by their favorite couple.

Despite the joyful atmosphere, Vincent could sense Catherine’s longing. They had not tried to have a child; he didn’t know if it was even possible, but if so, he didn’t want to condemn the child to a life Below. He had been ripe for this conversation for a long time. I’m ready for it, my Love. He squeezed her hand under the table.

She looked at him tenderly and allowed herself to feel all the emotions: their child carried under her heart, the joyful anticipation, the miracle of birth. We’ll talk, Vincent…soon.

They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment in full understanding…it was their own unique communication without words.

Nearby, they heard a conversation about a performance the children would like to prepare. This time they were thinking about Shakespeare’s comedy “The Taming of the Shrew.” Samantha dreamed of playing the role of Bianca, and Geoffrey was afraid to play Lucentio, who was in love with her.  Rachel, a girl who had been a resident of the tunnels for several months, accepted the title role. And Zach tried to control the stress of playing her admirer. This was due to a sincere infatuation with his new friend.

Catherine and Vincent watched the children for a while, sharing their enthusiasm and concerns. Next to them, they talked about daily errands like food supplies and minor repairs. Kanin was close to finishing another chamber and was already planning to work on another one for the ever-growing community.

Although they tried to actively participate in the topics discussed, their thoughts glided in a completely different direction.  Fortunately, bigger problems didn’t trouble this unique world.

The residents were slowly dispersing to their activities. Not wanting to delay any longer, Vincent took his beloved’s hand. They made their way from the common chamber in silence, each immersed in their own thoughts. Catherine wondered what kind of battle she was fighting now, whether she would be able to find the right arguments. Vincent calmly walked at her side, ready to accept her decision, yet full of apprehension.

Catherine entered their chamber first. She stopped at the table and stroked the surface with her hand, as if to knock the invisible dust off it.

He stood in the entrance watching her every move.

“I think it’s time to decide…” she began calmly.

He took a deep breath. “Yes…”

“Before the wedding, we agreed that we wouldn’t risk having children at first, and I took care of that. We put the subject aside and enjoyed the wonderful time we had together.”

Vincent nodded. “I remember and cherish every moment.”

“So do I.” She looked at him with only love.

He walked up to her, took her hand and led her toward the bed. “Let’s sit down,” he said quietly near her ear. “Catherine, I have sensed this longing in you for some time now. I watch you with children, how you read to them, how you talk to them, take care of them. They love you as much as you love them. I know you dream of having children with me.”

He kept stroking her hand. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t share this dream.” He sighed. “However, the fear that I’ll condemn the child to lead a life in hiding is so strong that I can’t dare take this step.”

She touched his arm. “Vincent…we don’t know what our child will be like, but we will love him deeply. He will have both loving parents and the whole community. I want to have children with you, await their coming into the world, and experience the miracle of birth together. We’ll show him the night world, and I’ll do my best to somehow make him know the beauty of the day.”

“However, it is a life with limitations,” he replied sadly.

“Yes…but we also don’t know what the children will be like. Perhaps your distinctive qualities will not be as evident in them. They may inherit your wisdom, empathic abilities, strength, height, or eye color.” She smiled affectionately and tears glazed her eyes.

“Oh, I wish that for them. If only we could be sure.” He bowed his head, and a tear ran down his cheek.

She rubbed it with tenderness. “We won’t have certainty, but there is always hope and faith that make miracles. You know that I would love with all my being a child who would look like you, but I realize that children without these features would have the opportunity to choose life Above. Regardless of what our children will look like, I’m ready for them.” She rested her head on his shoulder.

“I know. I feel your determination and courage. Thanks to you, we have come this far and are here. I was afraid of our life together. I mistakenly thought that it wasn’t for us.”

“We dared and it’s wonderful. We have to take the risk now, too, otherwise we’ll never know.” She touched her forehead to his.

Vincent stood and began his walk across the carpet. “What if I can’t have children? I know how much you dream about it, and if I’m not able to give them to you, I’ll always feel guilty that it’s because of me that you won’t fulfill your dream.” His grief was strongly felt. He lowered his shoulders and made an exhalation that didn’t relieve him of his emotions at all.

She walked towards him slowly, wanting to comfort him, to take away these feelings. She snuggled against his back and wrapped her arms around his waist. He placed his hands on top of hers.

She sighed softly. “How could I blame you for not giving birth to your children, when there are so many of them without parents, in need of love and security? I wouldn’t be able to think so selfishly.”

He turned around to her and took her hands in his. “And you will not feel regret about it?”

“I won’t because we will give them our love and create the home they deserve,” she replied, looking deeply into his eyes, and he was moved by her love and total devotion.

“You are remarkable. So many sacrifices…” He shook his head in astonishment.

“It’s not sacrifice, it’s love.” She brought her lips close to his and confirmed her words with a gentle kiss. They stood huddled together in thoughtfulness for a while. Catherine looked into the eyes of the one to whom she had given her heart forever and asked a question that would ultimately clarify the topic under discussion.

“Vincent, are you ready to try?”

He looked at her eyes intensely, seeing only encouragement, hope, and love in them. He smiled at her, and his eyes glistened from unshed tears. “I’m ready, my Love.”

The kiss was the seal of their joint decision. Gentle, full of promise and it went on and on… At that moment, they both felt relieved and they knew a magical time of waiting for what fate would bring had begun for them…




His memories were interrupted by Catherine’s movement. She began to stretch, producing sounds that were delightful to Vincent’s ear. She is so adorably disheveled. He looked at her, enchanted.

“Did we sleep long?”

“Enough to miss dinner.” He answered with a smile, not regretting what happened at all.

“Oh…I’m really hungry, but I can’t resist your power of persuasion.” She stroked his chest, wandering lower…and lower…

He stopped her movement with his hand. “Now, are you trying to use your feminine powers on me? This way we’ll miss yet another meal.” The sound of her laughter warmed his heart. “I’ll go to the Dining Chamber and see if William has left anything for us from dinner.”

He began to dress in a hurry. Catherine watched his movements. Charming even as he dressed.

Vincent looked at her tenderly and a gentle smile adorned his face. He was amazed by the changes that had taken place in his life.  It still feels like the most beautiful dream, and yet it is true. This is truly our journey together, so much ahead of us, so much to experience…

She stood up to approach him, but after a moment she lost her balance and sat on the bed confused.

In an instant, he found himself at her side. Anxiety took hold in his heart.  He knelt down and brushed her hair behind her ear. “What was that?”

“It’s probably the missed meal, don’t worry.” She stroked his cheek and he looked at her thoughtfully.  “Vincent, what are you thinking about?”

“Only the enormity of the happiness I have with you.”

“I share this sentiment.”

“Catherine, I promised myself that I would do everything to make you happy.”

“I’m very happy.”  She smiled with complete joy. “And I love that word – everything” She hugged his waist.

“Yes.” He closed his eyes. “I cherish this memory in my heart.”

They swayed together, reliving this wonderful moment in their minds… that time when they were still uncertain how to achieve a happy life, but strong and filled with hope. And now united for eternity, they shared their lives between two worlds…

The feeling of hunger interrupted the tender moment. Vincent broke their hug and smiled broadly, revealing all his teeth. “I’ll go now. We have verified that it is impossible to live by love alone. But are you sure that everything is fine?” he asked to calm his fears.

“Yes, I’m fine.” She squeezed his hand. “You can go now, because I’m getting hungrier.” Her eyes sparkled with joy.

“I’ll do it with pleasure.” He said goodbye with a brief kiss.

He walked toward William’s kitchen, and in his heart he felt Catherine’s contentment.  The smile didn’t disappear from his face, and so far he was unaware of the surprise that fate had already prepared for them…


  1. Paula, this is such a wonderful story! You have written such a warm, lovely, romantic story of our beloved Vincent and Catherine, showing how their happy life together might come to be. It gives them such hope, such promise. I love thinking that great happiness lies ahead for them. Thank you for sharing your vision with all of us!

    • Thank you so much, Linda, for seeing what I wanted to show and for writing me about it. They have been through so much and then found the courage to start a happy life. I wanted to share a bit of the tenderness they create together and the promise of their next dream coming true. I’m extremely happy that you like the story!


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