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Microwave Day!

by Nelly

05 December, 1988.

In the city of New York, above the city streets.

Catherine was particularly excited because, finally, Vincent had agreed to have dinner at her place, and he expected to eat lots of good food. He promised and, shyly, confessed that it was one of the various points in his Make-up your Mind Day’s list.

Catherine put away her poetry books and started reading cooking ones, but to tell the truth, that was not her favorite subject. She couldn’t disappoint Vincent and she had to give it her all!

Actually, she asked for Edie and Jenny’s help but, both being businesswomen, they kindly declined any responsibility. What beautiful friends, aren’t they?

Catherine was really in trouble, but she couldn’t panic over this. What a shame it would be if Vincent felt her discomfort and asked her why… AHAHAH!

“OK, Catherine, keep calm. You faced many troubles in your life, and you can’t give up! Start getting acquainted with cooking tools. Once you have done it, you will be the best chef ever!”

Catherine sat on her bed and wrote the dinner menu: spaghetti with fresh tomato, lamb ribs, and for dessert, their favorite one: cherry pie! It seemed easy now that she saw it written on a piece of paper! OK, good, OK, fine, I’ll do it!

She fell asleep and started dreaming…

“Good evening, Messieurs Cooking Tools and Household Appliances! My name is Catherine, nice to meet you. Sorry for having ignored you for all this time. I want to make it up to you by giving you the importance you deserve and preparing a special dinner for my loving Vincent.”

Suddenly all the household appliances turned on and all the cooking tools leaped out of the drawers and lockers and introduced themselves, saying: “Good evening Catherine, nice to meet you too! Sorry to meet you only now but it’s better late than never, isn’t it?”

Everybody burst out laughing, making poor Catherine blush. Cooking tools and household appliances introduced themselves one by one and Catherine noted that she had everything she needed, at least.

A little glazed white microwave oven was in a corner of the kitchen. Its name was Wavey. Catherine used it only for heating drinks and precooked food. For this reason, he felt useless knowing that he couldn’t do anything special to help Catherine, and so, he didn’t introduce himself and didn’t open his mouth (or to say correctly, his door – AHAHAH).

What you don’t know is that Wavey knew how to cook! Yes, it sounds incredible but being a microwave oven programmed for different recipes, he was able not only to heat food but also to cook it! That night he took courage and started talking to the other tools, offering his help and proposing his action plan. But they didn’t listen to him. They felt more indispensable than him.

The next morning, Catherine came to the kitchen for breakfast and, as usual, she put a croissant in the microwave oven to heat it. Wavey turned on and smiled at her. She looked at him and smiled in return.

After breakfast Catherine went grocery shopping. After lunch she put an apron on and started cooking, first the lamb and the pie. Spaghetti would wait until the last minute.

Things did not go very well. Stress, and, above all, the cooking tools and household appliances’ inexperience created a huge mess. Catherine was desperate, having her hair, face and clothes full of flour, oil, and tomato. A real disaster!

Wavey was sorry for Catherine. He found courage and screamed: “SILENCE AND STAY CAAAAAAALM!!!!!!!!”

Everybody fell silent and looked at him, shocked.

Catherine approached him and said: “You can help me, right? Your smile, this morning…”

“I’ll guide you, don’t worry. Trust me,” Wavey said and started giving instructions to everyone so that dinner would be ready in due time. Lamb ribs and cherry pie were ready to be baked. Wavey took the pie and the traditional oven took the lamb.

Meanwhile Catherine took a shower after empowering Wavey with the kitchen management.

After the shower she put her bathrobe on, and she smelled the best perfumes of her life!

She went to the kitchen, and everything was ready to be taken out of the ovens. The cherry pie was perfect and lamb ribs were done to a turn. She went to get dressed. After she boiled the water, Vincent knocked on the window of the balcony door.

Catherine opened the door and they hugged and kissed.

Finally, Vincent sat on the couch in front of the fireplace and Catherine gave him a glass of red wine. The spaghetti was ready, and the table was prepared with candles, porcelain plates and crystal glasses.

Catherine approached Wavey and said: “I don’t know how to thank you. I don’t know what I would have done without you! I’ll never stop thanking you, and, you know what? I declare today December 6 as the National Microwave Oven Day!!!”

Wavey was touched and thrilled to have been helpful. The other tools smiled at him and promised to always listen to his precious advice.

Vincent liked dinner very much and said, smiling, “Catherine, I’m really surprised! And, above all, I’ve never felt any stress or worry from you while facing this new challenge …”

Catherine answered, “What are you trying to say? You are saying that I can’t be a good chef? You’ll see, I’ll always surprise you!”. And she threw her napkin at him as a sign of defiance.

“Vincent, I want to propose a special toast. To Wavey and to the National Microwave Oven Day!”

Vincent dared not contradict her (he didn’t know anything about Catherine’s special Helper… ) but he raised his glass toasting to this very special night!

Suddenly the alarm clock rang.

The morning of December 6 – the National Microwave Oven Day!

Catherine opened her eyes and saw the cookbook on her nightstand. She woke up smiling and felt she was the winner of this delicious challenge…


* * *

Illustration: Wavey by Guja


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