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Let’s Hug!

by Nelly

December 3, 1988.

In the city of New York, below the city streets.

That night the performance by the children’s choir was amazing and touching!

The atmosphere was warm, hearts beat as one, and voices sang beautiful songs.

The entire community was enchanted, and when the performance ended Father told the children that they deserved a special gift: “All right, children, tell me what you would like.”

The children had one wish. “Please, Father, tell us one of your stories about the legends you have learned in your life.”

Father and the other adults were astonished by this request, but they were happy because today it is really hard to believe in fairy tales and, above all, in legends!

After a delicious banquet – Thanks William! – all the community went to the Great Hall. Each child snuggled as close as possible to Father, and adults were standing up and waiting for Father’s tale.

Father, sitting in his armchair, blew out some candles to create the right atmosphere and started telling the story.

* * *

Once upon a time, there was a strange world. It was inhabited by wild creatures running here and there without a destination through uncultivated vegetation. Water flowed only in small trickles. There were no houses and no flowers. But above all, the sky was dark, without lights and stars…

Two little creatures lived in this world. They were shaped like a little man and a little woman. The little man was colored blue, with little black eyes and a nose and mouth in the center of his face. He had two little arms and two little legs. In his little head was a small beating organ called a brain, the only part of his body to be illuminated.

The little woman was colored rose and of the same shape as the little man. The only difference was that in her chest was a small beating organ called a heart. Also in this case it was the only illuminated part of the little womans body.

The two creatures didnt know about their respective existences because they lived in their own part of the world.

They spent their days walking here and there wondering why they exist.

The little man thought, thought, thought… his brain had many ideas, but he didnt have the courage to make them come true.

The little woman had a heart beating and brave. She wanted to create something wonderful, but she had not the intellect to make her projects come true…

One night the two little sleepless creatures walked around their world. Suddenly, who knows how, they found themselves one in front of the other. That is to say, they saw beating lights through a big hedge, and they curiously approached.

The little man said, Hi, who are you? Where is this light coming from?”

The little woman answered, Hi, I have no name and the light you see comes from my heart. Who are you?”

I have no name too and the light you see is my brain,” the little man said.

They started reflecting upon what the brain and heart were and they came to a unanimous conclusion.

If the heart and the brain join, huge things could arise, and the world could change!

They started walking through the hedge and, now, they were standing closer together.

They smiled and shared their projects.

The little man said, I can make my brains light reflect in the trickling water and spread brightness in the sky and create stars that can light up our world.”

I can shine my hearts light on trees, animals, and streams and make them colorful and blooming,” the little woman said.

We need something to make our idea solid and long-lasting, a simple act that could unify heart and brain and spread a huge energy.”

Suddenly the brain and the heart started shining and an unexpected strength brought the little creatures closer. They were wrapped in a hug, a simple but intense act, the union of two bodies to convey brains wisdom and hearts empathy.

The two creatures lifted to the sky in a sole body.

The sky opened and cloud formations imitated the hug of the two creatures wrapping the dark surface with their softness. The sky was full of stars. Earth rose again with mountains, trees, grass full of flowers, rivers full of sparkling water, beautiful and free animals.

The two creatures floated on a cloud, always hugging, and being touched and happy. They learned the hug is a powerful act, for it conveys strength, empathy, consolation, courage, warmth, love.

A hug created an amazing world! The Hug Star was born, and it was the brightest in the sky!

They had an idea: each person needing love, consolation or strength should look to the Hug Star and say the name of a loved one to be hugged and held tighter. There would be no distinction between one or many hugs: the bigger, the better!

Everyone would become closer, and the world would be a more colorful and brighter place.The two creatures would never ever be parted. They decided to have a name in order to say it before any hug: the little man was called Dave and the little woman was called Nelly.

It was a very cold day. Dave and Nelly decided upon the third (their favorite number) of December (a special month, who knows why….) Yes, we know, sure! Because it was the Hugs Day!

* * *

At the end of the story a huge applause arose, and everyone stood up and started saying the names of people close by. The community hug was intense; energy and love were overwhelming.

Meanwhile, Dave and Nelly, hugging on the highest beam in the Great Hall, looked down to the community of the World Below, wrapping it in their light and smiling, being proud to have created such a special day through simplicity.

And now, everyone, please, try! Call out the name of your special people and hold them tighter. It will be great! And, please, do it forever, not only on December 3rd!

* * *

Author’s note: I’d like to dedicate this story to my mother-in-law Giovanna who was born on December 3rd and now is in Heaven. I love you!


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