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 ~ A Classic Character, a Location Above or Below,
an anniversary Gift ~

by Laurie Burger

“A year,” Rebecca sighed.

Pascal sat next to her, oblivious to the chamber’s strong winds. Hesitating, he gently placed his hand on her shoulder.

She turned slightly and leaned into him. Around them, the winds quieted. “He was a special person,” Pascal murmured.

“He was more than special. Winslow was…” Rebecca hesitated. She shook her head, angry at herself for not having the words.

“He loved so fiercely. That was his gift. In the end, he gave it to us all.” Pascal leaned near and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. His eyes flew open, suddenly afraid.

She smiled.

by Paula

Upon entering their chamber, Catherine was greeted by the scent of roses. The entire room dripped in red flowers. A card with a quote from a Keats poem was waiting on the table.

“Happy Anniversary.” He appeared in just a bathrobe.

“Happy Anniversary.” She kissed him tenderly. “Under William’s supervision, I baked something for you.”

Vincent noticed a chocolate heart decorated with red sprinkles in the box.

“Mmm…. it’ll be a delight for both of us.”

“Today we start,” she said excitedly.

“Yes, I’m a little scared.”

She embraced him. “We must go with courage, and perhaps in nine months…”

by PearlAnn SnowStar

Mouse snuck into Vincent and Catherine’s chamber. OK, good, OK, fine, no one’s here. He reached into his sack and took out a metal mug. Rocks and gems were embedded on the outside.

“Mouse?” Mouse turned around. He gave the mug to Vincent. “Catherine said anniversaries be anything. For you.”

Vincent noticed that inside the mug was a crystal in the shape of a cat. “Mouse remembers. Vincent found Mouse. Mouse celebrating ten years. I think.”

“Mouse, my friend,” Vincent walked up and hugged him, “I remember. Thank you.”

“Add to your treasures?”

“Add to my treasures.”

by Tasha

Thirty-seven years. There was no ‘traditional’ gift for the milestone. But at their age, possessions mattered less and less. Besides, Catherine had something better.

Jenny had a connection who proved both discreet and reliable. They arranged everything carefully. And after making a hefty donation and getting assurances about security, the plan was set.

And so it came to pass that near midnight on the twelfth of April, exactly thirty-seven years after their first meeting, Catherine took Vincent on a personal tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Vincent was enraptured. After so many years, she still managed to surprise him.

by Jacob Peters

Being blindfolded reminded Catherine of playing pin the tail on the donkey at children’s birthday parties.

“We’re just about there,” Vincent said softly.

Catherine thought she knew where they were according to the tunnel map in her head. When the blindfold came off, she was right. It was his Chamber.

Vincent turned her around and there, before her, stood her present – two very sturdy looking wooden doors. One, now closed, before her, the other likewise closed at the top of the ladder.

“Happy anniversary, Catherine.”

Affixed to the door was a note. Happy anniversary to you both! Cullen

by Tunnel Belle

Catherine walked into Vincent’s chamber holding a small pouch.

Vincent was sitting at his desk and looked up with a smile.

“I have something for you, darling.” She handed him the small pouch.

Vincent opened it up. Inside were two small roses, like his rose. He gave her a confused look as she was saying that he could put them with his other rose, around his neck.

“One for each child we have,” she said.

“But we only have Jacob,” Vincent commented.

She smiled, and with a soft voice said, “For now, my love. For now…”

by JRo

Catherine and Vincent sat together on his bed.  They had just enjoyed a long walk after a lovely dinner.  It was the fourth anniversary of the day they met, and their first wedding anniversary. 

As they sat in each other’s arms, Vincent noticed a package on his table.  He unwrapped it and they both gasped.  It was a small oil painting of them sitting together and holding a child.  It was signed KG.

“How did he know?” Catherine whispered.

Vincent looked at her in surprise.  “Know what?”

“I was going to tell you tonight.  You’re going to be a father.”

by JoAnn Baca

“Grab your coat. I’m takin’ you to lunch, Radcliffe. Happy anniversary!”

She obeyed with a confused smile. “Anniversary?”

Shoving the office door open, he grinned. “You came on board three years ago today!”

“Oh!” She grimaced as he pushed the elevator button. “Joe, maybe we shouldn’t go.”

“Why not?”

She sighed. “I was planning to tell you later. I’m quitting.”

“What? Why?!”

She could say nothing about Vincent, their plans. “Uhhh…reasons.”


“You’re not one of them!” She hesitated, then added, “A private practice has been my dream.”

He studied her, assessing. “Gotta follow your dreams. Let’s eat anyway!”

by Carole W

Two years ago … tonight. Two years since he’d first braved her balcony after her attack.

She’d whispered invitation, yet he’d hesitated … again … to cross her threshold.

To take her in his arms in the way of dreams.

Instead …

In Central Park, on the Whisper Bench, head in hands …

If only I could start over …

“Happy anniversary … of sorts,” came a voice from a shadow. “Or … not so happy.”

“How did you– Who–”

“Kristopher sent me. With a gift.”

An object … mysteriously within reach.

“A clock?”

“Already set.”

“For …”

“For today again. Read the note.”

It’s magic. Don’t blow it.

by Linda SB

He left his small suitcase with the first sentry he encountered, grateful for the man’s promise to delay announcement of his arrival.

HIs tunnel family didn’t expect him until tomorrow…but that was much too late. He smiled; the lines carved into his face, framing his mouth, his eyes, softened. February 17. Their eighth anniversary. 

The smile faded. And they’d spent the last five apart.

But never again.

He hesitated in the doorway, watching her sleep in the bed they hadn’t shared in such a long, long time.

The scent of white lilacs awakened her. 

The resiliency of love sustained them.


  1. Awww, Linda! So beautiful, welcome home Kanin!

    • Thank you very much, Jessica, for reading and enjoying my drabble!
      Comments like yours are very encouraging and energizing!

    • What a wonderful way to return, it’s never too late to start over. Love conquers all

  2. Beautiful memories of Winslow, the wonderful return of Kanin, a much-needed door,
    an unforgettable trip to the Museum, a gift from the lovely Mouse,
    the anticipation of a new birth…. the first and the next, Catherine’s important decision and the unusual one with a touch of magic… from every drabble can be created an amazing story. I really like your ideas, my writing companions.

    • Paula, you are always so thoughtful in sending such lovely and very much appreciated comments for all of us — thank you! And thank you, too, for your beautiful drabbles. You truly exemplify the best of the tunnel community spirit!

      • Thank you, Linda! Your words made me very happy❤ You always know how to support and encourage.

    • We will always his Winslow, a big burly man with a heart of gold

  3. All the possibilities these stories conjure!! I was swept away and wishing for more.

    Thank you all. ❤️

    • I’ll speak for everyone in thanking you, Karen, for your very kind comments — and for being a wonderful part of this project with your writing, too!


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